Gov. Ron DeSantis Makes Fatherhood Cool Again

Ron DeSantis has done more than any conservative governor before him to bring conservative ideas to the mainstream in a way that all demographics can resonate with.

In other words, he’s approachable; his political agenda is based on common sense and is largely popular amongst conservatives and independents. As a matter of fact, many GOP voters are urging DeSantis to try his hand at a presidential run but, with Trump in the mix, that may prove rather difficult.

On Monday, the Florida Republican signed a bill that incentivizes and honors fatherhood. This piece of legislation marks the first time a conservative has addressed the growing epidemic of fatherless households.

The legislation, titled H.B. 7065, authorizes nearly $70 million in funding to secure family and youth support in cooperation with the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Department of Children and Families, according to the Governor’s office.

The bill will offer educational programs, mentorship programs, and one-on-one guidance to strengthen the connections between fathers and their families, according to a statement from DeSantis.

During the signing ceremony, DeSantis addressed the liberal anti-natalist trend which “poo-poos” on the idea of the nuclear family, fathers in particular.

“I am proud to say we are doing everything we can to support involved fatherhood in Florida,” DeSantis added.

DeSantis acknowledged the harrowing effects fatherless households have on children, including substance abuse, a proclivity to criminal activity, and undereducation.

“There are more than 18 million children in our country who live without a father in their home,” DeSantis said.

Under the legislation, DCF officials will launch an awareness campaign to shine a light on the importance of responsible fatherhood and give the men of Florida the tools they need to remain in the lives of their children, the statement noted.

The benefits of a father who’s present in the home are boundless and well-documented.

But, It’s interesting. Liberals are so enthusiastic and performative about “science” yet they have a tricky habit of picking and choosing which scientific study they believe in based on whatever political fairytale they hope to tell at the time.

It’s almost as if there’s a political reason why leftists want to destroy the nuclear family?

Author:Β Robert Bogart