Gov. DeSantis Joins Elon Musk In Taking Down Twitter

Ron DeSantis has done more to protect the fundamental rights of Americans in the last year than any Republican or conservative politician has ever accomplished in modern history.

Yes, that includes Donald Trump.

Recently, the Republican Governor of Florida made waves for signing an anti-grooming bill that outlaws lude discussions of leftwing gender and sexual ideology with young schoolchildren. Popular with most of America, DeSantis has been heralded as a hero against radical wokeism which seems to sink its fangs into all aspects of society.

Now that he’s checked that off the list, DeSantis is temporarily switching gears.

The Governor of Florida has always been critical of the anti-conservative bias found in abundance on social media platforms, most notably on Twitter.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, recently offered to buy the social media platform but was turned down by Twitter’s board after they administered a “poison pill,” which allowed them to purchase more stock.

This is when DeSantis stepped in…

On Tuesday, Gov. DeSantis vowed Twitter’s board “accountable” for adopting a “poison pill” over Elon Musk’s offer. He revealed that Florida’s pension fund currently owns Twitter stock, thus any move against Musk would be a violation of fiduciary duty to stockholders.

Twitter board members recently confirmed their “poison pill” defense to Musk’s $43.4 billion offer to buy the social media company. The “poison pill” is a shareholder’s plan to limit a single shareholder from purchasing too many shares and forcing the company into a sale. Musk became the largest shareholder after purchasing a 9.2% stake in early April.

The “poison pill” also allows for shareholders to buy more stock at a cheaper price and potentially dilutes Musk’s ownership stake to prevent him from purchasing the entire company. The Tesla CEO said Thursday that board members would be breaching their fiduciary duty if they take “actions contrary to shareholder interests.”

“If the current Twitter board takes actions contrary to shareholder interests, they would be breaching their fiduciary duty,” Musk tweeted Thursday. “The liability they would thereby assume would be titanic in scale.”

DeSantis’ approach has (by our knowledge) never been attempted by a head of state before. If successful, the Florida Republican will go down in history as the first-ever politician to bring the radically censorious social media industry to its knees.

Author: Ann Taylor