GOP Titan Issues Desperate War-Cry To All Americans

People are always asking Dennis Prager what can be done to win the battle against the completely nihilistic and Anti-American destruction that is occurring at all of America’s major institutions.

Apparently, there’s an answer. And a good one at that.

The best thing that each and every American can do to counterattack leftist extremism in this country – in schools, families, government institutions, sports, media, medical establishments, the FBI or CIA, the military departments and even in children themselves – is to take children out of schools in America.

Other than technology, math, science and engineering, most, if not all of America’s elementary, middle and high schools and universities and colleges aren’t teaching your loved one anything important. What they are doing is sexualizing them prematurely, robbing them of innocence, confusing them about morality and harming them on an intellectual level.

Art and music are a thing of the past because these ‘schools’ are too focused on teaching your children how to hate white people, as well as the United States and her values.

When a child goes to school in America, it’s just like playing Russian roulette with their lives. But in Russian roulette, there is only one bullet out of the six chambers, and at these schools there are four or even five.

They’re teaching kids as early as kindergarten that theirs is no such things as gender, that it is chosen. They teach them that there aren’t any differences between boys and girls. They teach about masturbation and expose them to Drag Queens.

With all that we know. It is now immoral to for any God-fearing conservative to send their child to school in America.

But many parents are in denial. They don’t even want to or understand what’s going on at the school and what’s being taught, or the damage their child is incurring. They don’t understand that these so-called schools can ruin their relationship with their child.

Parents should speak or listen to the millions of Americans who have children with great contempt for America and her values, as a direct result of what they were taught in school. If they could redo their lives, it is almost certain that they wouldn’t put their children through school.

Parents may feel they don’t have any choice in their matter. Without public school, where will they go? May private schools maintain this same level of commitment to liberal indoctrination as the public schools. Even Jewish or Christian schools have become ‘woke’ and if they’re not, the tuition is often astronomical.

Home-school is the final option. But many fear they cannot overcome this truly daunting task, or that work would be in the way. These fears are not justified, though. While it’s true the family may need one parent to cut back on work, and financial situations could be cut thin, it is absolutely necessary to protect our children. Families must make the choice for their children’s lives over money.

The choice is clear, choose your children.

Author: Yolanda McClain