GOP Superhero Ensures Democrats Can Never Ravage The Country Again

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is taking the Biden Administration head on with a groundbreaking bill titled the “Stop The Inflationary Spending Spree Act” which changes the voting threshold for spending packages during periods of high inflation from 60 votes to 67 votes.

The proposed bill comes amidst Department of Labor reports that wholesale prices on goods have increased by an eye-popping 9.6% on average over last year, and while Democrat President Joe Biden seeks to spend (print) additional trillions of dollars in order to fund leftist wish list items such as green energy and expanded entitlements.

Blackburn said that “Tennesseans cannot afford the left’s endless spending spree,” and slammed Biden for pursuing a “radical economic agenda” that’s placed the nation under “decades-high inflation.” She said that as a result, the government must slow down its spending, and her bill will force them to adopt bipartisan solutions rather than continue ramming one-party spending proposals down the American throat.

The bill would increased the voting threshold to a two-thirds majority requirement for passing appropriations bills whenever the Consumer Price Index is at 4.0% or higher.

Last week, multiple economists, including those that worked under previous Democrat President’s Clinton and Obama, warned that inflation is now permanent and that consumers should expect prices to rise across the board for years to come thanks to Biden’s spending efforts.

Former Clinton Economist Larry Summers said that the current inflation levels have proven to be “not transitory,” a lie that the Biden administration attempted to sell the public earlier this year with the start of efforts to pass the president’s multi-trillion dollar “Build Back Better” plan.

Blackburn’s office says that the senator is not alone in pursuing her proposal, she is aided by Joni Ernst (R-IA), Rick Scott (R-FL), and Roger Marshall (R-KS).

Marshall issued a statement that accompanied the bill’s introduction, explaining how inflation most severely impacts senior citizens and the working class who live paycheck to paycheck already. His office said that the time has come to “halt Democrats’ out-of-control spending.”

Ernst added that the bill forces Congress to work across party lines rather than let one party recklessly pursue out of control spending.

Author: Mike Parsons