GOP States Hit Welfare-Hogging Where It Hurts

Governors of Republican states across the country are taking action against welfare style COVID-19 unemployment benefits to help job creation as businesses open back up.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is changing the rule for those collecting unemployment, requiring that they provide proof of seeking a job to continue receiving benefits. DeSantis said that the job-seeking requirements were suspended during the pandemic shutdown, but it’s time to reinstate it as businesses seek out workers.

Florida is implementing these changes following on the lead of states such as Montana, Arkansas, and South Carolina.

The governors in these states are seeking to stop the $300 a week unemployment payments in opposition to the Biden administration, who wants the program to continue despite the underachieving job growth reported for April.

The unemployment benefits are keeping people from seeking jobs according to many Republican lawmakers, but Democrats are critical of stopping the weekly payments, claiming that without the checks, families and the economy will suffer.

Businesses have made calls on Biden to stop the weekly benefits, as they cannot find enough workers since people would rather collect payment without working.

The Chamber of Commerce reported that approximately one quarter of all recipients of unemployment are getting more money than they did when they were employed, drastically disincentivizing them from finding a job that would require them not just to work, but to decrease their income.

Author: Brandi Hawkins

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