GOP States Craft The Perfect Legislation To Save America’s Future

A milestone pro-life law just got signed into law in Idaho on Tuesday, banning abortions in situations where a fetal heartbeat is detectable.

Governor Brad Little signed the bill into law, prohibiting medical providers from performing an abortion procedure if a heartbeat can be detected in the fetus. This occurs at approximately 6 weeks of development. Women would be allowed to sue the medical practitioner who performed the abortion if it is in violation of the law.

The Fetal Heartbeat Preborn Child Protection Act only offers exception to cases of rape, incest, and medical emergency. Women seeking to abort based on incest or rape must provide medical staff with a copy of a confirming police report.

Governor Little said in a statement that Idaho “values the most innocent of all lives” and will never stop taking action to protect the lives of preborn people. He thanked lawmakers for helping to make the bill a reality, calling it “important legislation” to counteract the “tragedy” of the hundreds of babies who die in abortive procedures in the state every year.

Doctors who attempt to perform abortions outside of the law’s restriction become guilty of a felony charge, facing up to 5 years in prison and possibly losing their medical license.

The Family Policy Alliance of Idaho is extremely pleased that the bill passed, saying in a statement that they are proud that Idaho is amongst the ranks of pro-life states.

On Monday, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, also signed a similar bill which barred abortions in situations where fetal heartbeat can be detected. That bill provides exceptions for immediate medical risk to the mother, but does not make exceptions for cases of incest or rape.

Author: Amy Bishop

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