GOP Senator Has Plan To Stop Communists In Their Tracks

America’s billionaire class has tied the country to Communist China, but Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) says that it’s time to cut the bonds by calling on Americans, urging them to stop buying from our number one enemy.

Scott spoke with “The Cats Roundtable” on radio station WABC 770 AM-N.Y., saying that there’s a difference between the Chinese government and the Chinese people and that Americans “should stop buying” goods and wares “from communist China.” He pointed out that while the people of the country are wonderful, the Communist Party and therefore the Chinese government “are not our friend.” He added that the Chinese government “is despicable.”

According to Scott, the goal of the Chinese government is to “dominate the world,” and the evidence for his claim is pretty clear. China has been using trillions of your U.S. dollars to fund a military “built. . . to defeat the U.S. military.” China is also enslaving millions of people and harvesting their organs on the basis of their religion. The communist superpower is also pressing its imperial might by trampling over the rights of those in Hong Kong and has its eyes clearly set on Taiwan.

Scott says that America has to stop “help[ing] them build their economy.” China is on course to have an economy which will dwarf the United States, giving them the power they need to pursue expansionistic goals. Scott claims that China wants control of “every country all over the world.”

The Chinese government cannot be trusted, they deal in secret and obscure basic facts. Scott points to their actions surrounding the beginning of the pandemic. China remained silent for too long, trying to cover up the pandemic at first, and stalwartly carrying the line that the virus originated in the wild, not it’s conspicuously placed Wuhan Virology Lab.

A dollar for China is a dollar for global oppression. Stop funding the communists. As Scott points out, during the cold war, Americans never considered “buying anything from the Soviet Union.”

Author: Irvin Weber

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