GOP Senator Crushes Marxism, Gives BLM a Perfect Offer

During a Miami town hall that included top Florida officials such as Governor Ron DeSantis and Representative Maria Salazar, Senator Marco Rubio declared that his office was happy to help members of Black Lives Matter relocate to Cuba.

Sean Hannity, popular news anchor for Fox News, who was in the area reporting about increasing support for the anti-communist movement in Cuba, asked Rubio to explain the moment to everyday Americans. In his response, Rubio took a jab at racial justice activists who defend the Cuban communist regime by offering “My office will help the [BLM] Foundation emigrate to Cuba.” The line made Governor DeSantis laugh.

Hannity praised Rubio for how he’s placed public pressure on the Biden administration to give support to the freedom-seeking protesters. Responding, Rubio pointed out that “there’s a segment of [Biden’s] voting base” who really believes that Castro’s “regime is good.”

“Marxism is about power,” Rubio explained, adding that it pretends to promote prosperity, but is actually about maintaining control. Marxism actually maintains a low class, making it easier for an authoritarian regime because impoverished people “are easier to control.”

DeSantis issued a challenge to President Biden during the town hall, calling on him to endorse the Cuban protesters. DeSantis chastised Biden, saying that while the Cuban people “are showing incredible courage,” Biden is instead “showing cowardice.” “Be on the side of freedom,” DeSantis said rhetorically of Biden, mentioning that “companies in the U.S.” want to lend aid to the Cuban people, but first they need the permission of the federal government. “[Biden] has it within his authority… he could make it happen,” DeSantis remarked.

In an opinion piece authored by Marco Rubio, and published in The Daily Wire, Rubio emphasized how “Libertad” is a central concept for the Cuban protest movement.

He explains that the people of Cuba want to live just like those who reside in “Miami, and Tampa… Orlando, and all over the [U.S.],” “They want to live free,” he argues, the Cuban people want to be able to elect their own leaders and provide for themselves and their families through the work of their hands. They want the freedom to think and speak freely.

Author: Delia Moore