GOP Leaders Rally To The Battlefield To Save Military Members From Biden

Republican legislators are stepping in to protect U.S. Military members from facing dishonorable discharges for failing to comply with Democrat imposed COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Democrat President Joe Biden’s Pentagon recently implemented the vaccine mandate, with the promise to relieve service personnel from duty if they fail to comply. According to rhetoric gleaned from the White House, it’s shockingly clear how Biden favors the course of dishonorable discharges for those who resist his tyrannical order.

Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense, issued the mandates for all U.S. service members and was backed by the Pentagon who declared that the order was lawful. But recent communications issued from the White House’s Executive Office have given lawmakers enormous concern that American heroes might face dishonorable discharge if they fail to get the vaccine.

The White House stated that the current policy is to “limit a commander’s options” regarding enforcement of the vaccine in order to maintain “good order and discipline.”

Last week, Republican Senators James Lankford (OK), Roger Marshall (KS), and Ted Cruz (TX) introduced a bill to defend our soldiers and prevent them from facing dishonorable discharge over failing to accept the vaccine.

The bill does not prevent members of the military from being discharged outright, but if the basis for the discharge is one of failing to comply with a vaccine mandate, then the discharge would be honorable.

Cruz said regarding his legislation that the Biden administration’s current tack is “an insult” to those who have served our country with honor, and slammed Democrats for their willingness to treat those who are vaccine-hesitant in the same way as those guilty of “treason, desertion, sexual assault… murder.”

Marshall took note of how dishonorable discharges strip service members of constitutional rights such as the right to bear arms. Moreover, the educational opportunities available for veterans are also made unavailable by a dishonorable discharge. He said that American heroes should absolutely not be treated as felons based on their personal medical decisions.

Attorney Joe DeWoskin of Kansas City, Kansas warned that there are likely “tens of thousands” who will refuse the vaccine, leading to “numerous trials, convictions, sentences” for all those tried if their superiors choose to follow through with charges.

Author: Manuel Sutton