GOP Lawsuit Could Abolish Pro-China CDC For Good

For at least two years now, it’s been incredibly apparent to a large majority of Americans that the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has little to do with public health and much more to do with public control.

Their edicts have been notoriously pseudoscientific and their recommendations a far cry from anything resembling sensical — which could explain why then-President Trump was so displeased with their approach to the pandemic.

However, we’ve now reached a point of the China Virus pandemic when most Americans couldn’t care less; we’ve simply had enough with the masks, the vaccines, and the questionable boosters – which do more to enrich Big Pharma fat cats than actually protect against coronavirus variants – as proven by the large amount of boosted individuals who catch the virus anyway.

Much political debate has ensued and immense backlash has occurred due to the Democrats’ insistence on maintaining pandemic restrictions despite case data that indicates a steady decline.

Democrats have slowly begun to drop certain mask requirements when it suits them politically — like at Joe Biden’s State of the Union address – for example. But total control is ultimately what liberals are after, which translates to forced masking on airplanes.

That could quickly come to an end, however, after a group of congressional Republicans announced on Monday a lawsuit against the CDC calling on the agency to end mask mandates for all air travel.

The lawsuit was spearheaded by Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, who was joined by sixteen Republicans. The lawsuit seeks to end the mask mandate for individuals traveling on commercial airlines. The other 16 Republicans include House members and one Senate member, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Visit any city in the United States and you’ll find crowded bars, sporting events, and restaurants packed with unmasked patrons — it makes virtually zero sense to keep airline mandates in place — unless of course it’s for political reasons.



Bottom line: Americans do not deserve continual harassment on planes, nor do airline employees wish to be mask police against their will. Without constant and ongoing pressure from Republican lawmakers, the mask mandates may never subside.

Author: Rosalind Taylor