GOP Governors Join Forces To Clean Up Biden’s Mess

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Wednesday that he is using Florida’s law enforcement officers to aid in the crisis at the southern border by sending them to aid both Texas and Arizona who’s governors have been calling for aid for months.

The crisis and the southern U.S. border with Mexico has been continually worsening since the moment Biden entered office, and isn’t about to turn around as the Biden administration continues to turn a blind eye to the issue.

President Biden called upon Vice President Kamala Harris to handle the crisis, but several months later she has yet to visit the border and assess the situation. In fact, it’s reported that former President Donald Trump is going to beat her to the border to offer what support he can.

Governor DeSantis said on Wednesday that the border security crisis is of interest to “every state and every American” because of it’s massive impact. He added by explaining how the Biden administration killed multiple policies which were in place under the Trump administration which were helping to secure the border and keep American citizens safe.

Citing the calls for aid issued by state governors Gregg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona, he said that he was “proud to announce. . . Florida has your back.”

Florida’s Attorney General Ashley Moody slammed President Biden for actively harming efforts to improve public safety instead of helping them.

Moody said in a statement that her mission is to combat “human trafficking, protecting. . . children. . . from predators, and fighting opiod[s].” She then slammed the president for “hurting, not helping us,” when it comes to efforts made toward public safety. She added that she is “proud” to assist Governor DeSantis in helping to manage the border crisis “to protect Floridians.”

DeSantis’ office laid out some of the many horrors occurring at our border in a press release, the list includes information about how drug trafficking is at a record high, with 95 pounds of fentanyl captured in Texas within just the first four months of the year, the amount, according to the press release, is the equivalent of 21.5 million lethal doses of the drug. During the same timeframe in 2020, only 11 pounds were seized.

Author: Jeff Newton