GOP Governor Vows To Defend State Against Biden’s Planned Invasion

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota promised her constituents that she would not allow the crossing of illegal immigrants into the state as part of the Biden administrations plan to spread illegal aliens throughout northern states.

On Wednesday morning, Noem tweeted that they would not be accepting relocated immigrants, telling them “call me when you’re an American.”

This news follows Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina issuing an executive action last Monday which blocks the Biden administration from sending migrant children to foster homes and other facilities within the state.

McMaster shared his thoughts on Twitter, claiming that the border crisis is the Biden administration’s responsibility, and claiming that spreading migrants to states such as his own will only worsen the problem. He says that his executive action is intended to protect the children of South Carolina, ensuring their access to child services are not cut short or disrupted by masses of migrants.

Border states and Republican lawmakers have repeatedly criticized the Biden administration for their flimsy immigration policies and mismanagement of migrant detention camps.

Migrants have been arriving at the border in truly record breaking numbers, overwhelming facilities and personnel. People are being crammed into detention facilities, causing mass spread of coronavirus. The Biden administration also has allotted millions of taxpayer dollars to house migrants in hotels near the border. There is currently no resolution to the crisis in sight.

Author: Phil Barber

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