GOP Governor Takes Action As Biden Sits Twiddling His Thumbs

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, just shut down 6 entry ports from inside Mexico to The United Sates in an attempt to slow down a rising surge of illegal immigrants that are crossing the border.

Abbot says the Biden administration’s gross negligence and failure to do the job they’re supposed to do to ensure a secure border is completely appalling. Abbott said he’s directed the TX National Guard and The Department of the Public Safety to send out people and various vehicles to shut down six entry points at the southern border and to keep caravans from coming in and overrunning the state.

Abbott took action after seeing drone footage that showed the sheer number of migrants that are sitting in Del Rio, ready to be processed. It doubled in just 24 hours from 4,200 to 8,400 people.

Abbott went on to say that the crisis at the border is so bad, that Customer and Border Protection requested the help of TX because their agents are completely overwhelmed by all the chaos. Abbott says that Texas is committed to keeping the border secure for the safety and protection of Americans, unlike President Biden.

Abbott also revealed that Biden and his administration had asked TX to help close the border at the start of the surge but later reversed its decision.

Just six hours after the border agents requested Texas’ help to get ports of entry under control, Biden flip-flopped to another strategy that completely abandons the security of the border and actually makes it much easier for migrants to get into the United States illegally. Abbott says that Biden’s administration is in total disarray and that they are handling this crisis at the border just as badly as they did the withdrawal and evacuation in Afghanistan. Abbott says TX National Guard and Public Safety Agents will remain at the border, despite Biden’s instructions.

Illegal crossing have gone crazy since Biden took office, and the failing administration has still failed to find answers to the ongoing and intensifying crisis. It’s taken a backseat due to the crisis in Afghanistan, but it’s still very much happening, and Biden and his administration can’t ignore it forever.

Author: Laura Belle