GOP Governor Rallies Entire State To Action

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee was recently interviewed and explained that his state should soon be hosting sporting and other events at full capacity.

When pushed about whether packed stadiums should be reopened for sports the governor responded “absolutely.” He said that adults can choose for themselves whether they want to attend such events and that by now vaccines have been made available to those who want them.

Lee believes that sports are important as they can give people hope in what he called “an otherwise bleak situation.”

Lee says that the time has come for reinstating both indoor and outdoor sporting events. He said that while some COVID-19 adjustments made sense initially, circumstances are different now than they were a year ago and there is no more need for “arbitrary measures” to manage disease spread.

Several weeks ago, Tennessee’s mask mandate was lifted statewide with the declaration that the pandemic is no longer considered as a crisis that requires government intervention.

Nashville is slightly slower to drop the COVID restrictions as Democratic mayor announced that building capacity restrictions would be lifted on May 14, but that mask mandates are still continuing.

Lee said that the state is open and that he wants people to come attend concerts, conventions, parades, and proms. “It’s time to move on,” the governor said.

Author: Luke Walton

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