GOP Governor Offers Perfect Solution To Skyrocketing Gas Prices

Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas said that he could solve the oil supply crisis that’s hurting everyday Americans if Democrat President Joe Biden would simply get out of the state’s way “and let us do our thing.”

Abbot spoke to Breitbart News recently, explaining that the state has everything necessary to “produce the oil,” and even promised that operations could be in full effect soon enough to solve the crisis and ensure that Americans “get their toys by Christmas.”

The Biden Administration continues to redirect blame for the supply chain crisis on the coronavirus pandemic, or other factors such as online shopping. However, experts all agree that the most substantial reasons behind skyrocketing costs of goods and supply chain disruption come down to shipping and warehousing, particularly affected by shortages of fuel and chemicals, and most especially oil.

Oil recently hit a near-record-setting price of $85 per barrel and is expected to continue rising throughout all of next year. Natural gas prices too, are at their highest price in more than a decade with no signs of slowing as the Biden Administration continues to wage a war on fossil fuels.

The Biden Administration’s ruthless decision to favor radical environmentalists’ visions of cutting oil drilling in pursuit of a green agenda has completely hamstrung the United States energy independence. For the first time in decades, former president Donald Trump was actually exporting oil from U.S. shores for profit, but Biden has undone all of that hard work.

Now, as Abbot points out, Biden is repeatedly “begging” for oil imports from the Middle East in order to stabilize fuel costs at home.

The state of Texas is already America’s leading oil producer, contributing over a third of the country’s product. Abbot underscored how his state has two key advantages to help America solve the supply crisis: natural abundance of oil, and port access. He said that with both coastal and inland ports, Texas has “probably… the best access to goods of any.”

Recent weeks have seen empty store shelves all across America, accompanied by trending hashtags on Twitter such as #BareShelvesBiden or #EmptyShelvesJoe as Americans express their frustration with both shortages and skyrocketing inflation.

Author: Frank Powell