GOP Governor Gives Open Borders Biden A Taste Of His Own Medicine

A crisis is underway on our southern border and it’s only going to get worse.

The Biden administration is planning to abolish the last remaining deterrent illegal aliens face before making the journey across our border — Title 42.

A Trump-era immigration policy, Title 42 allowed ICE agents to immediately deport illegal aliens due to pandemic-related public health concerns.

Biden has reportedly decided to reverse Title 42 sometime in late May, just as illegal border crossings tend to skyrocket before the summer weather. This will wreak havoc not only on Border Agents but on citizens residing in neighboring border towns who already find their homes overrun with illegal aliens.

Officials within Biden’s government have even admitted that the removal of Title 42 will lead to a surge in illegal migration at rates this country has never seen. Some have predicted up to 20,000 attempted border crossings per day after the May deadline.

Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott has been consistent in his rebuke of Biden’s border policies and has even taken matters into his own hands. Abbott has allotted a decent percentage of Texas’ budget for finishing what remains of Trump’s border wall and has called up National Guard troops to help mitigate chaos at the border.

However, Abbott’s latest move is a real stroke of genius.

Texas will begin bussing illegal immigrants released into the state by the Border Patrol directly to Joe Biden’s backyard in Washington, D.C.

On Wednesday, Gov. Abbott announced his plan to send illegals straight to D.C. in the hopes Biden will address the growing crisis on our southern border.

Abbott revealed that the state has readied 900 charter buses to transport migrants the 1,700 miles from the state’s border with Mexico to the nation’s capital.

Abbott said passengers will be dropped off at the “steps of the United States Capitol.”

The Department of Public Safety will set up 28 roadway inspection sites just north of the border crossing points in a separate effort to interdict commercial trucks attempting to smuggle people through the ports of entry. While all vehicles that pass through the ports of entry are supposed to be inspected by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, many are not physically examined due to a lack of resources.

Border Agents currently apprehend about 7,000 illegal aliens at the US-Mexico border each day.

During Obama’s administration, 1,000 illegal aliens at the border was considered ‘crisis level,’ according to then-Homeland Security Secretary Jeb Johnson.

You do the math on that one…

Author: Sebastian Hayworth