GOP Governor Foils Biden’s Scheme To Punish Law Enforcement Heroes

After Biden acted as judge, jury and executioner for the mounted border agents who were involved in controversial images, the Governor of Texas, Gregg Abbott fired back. Abbott let everyone know on Sunday that he would be hiring any and all Border agents that were accused falsely of abusing migrants from Haiti at the U.S.-Mexico border if the Biden administration decided to terminate their employment.

Abbott said that if Biden were to take any action against the agents at all, that he has a message for them. Because he has worked at the sides of those agents at the border. And if they become at risk of losing their employment by a failing president who has abandoned all sense of his duty at the southern border to secure it, then they will have a job in the great state of Texas. Abbot says he will hire all of them to help keep Texas secure at their border. He said all of this during an interview on Fox News this past Sunday.

Just this past week, viral images made their rounds on the internet and in the mainstream media of multiple border patrol agents on horseback that were blocking migrants from Haiti from getting into the United States.

The man who took all of these photos has said multiple times that he didn’t see any of the agents whipping the migrants or abusing them. But President Biden has already made a vow to penalize all of the agents involved in the incident.

Biden responded to the controversy over the mounted Border agents last Friday when he regurgitated the now-debunked narrative that migrants are being abused and promised that the agents involved in the incident would be held responsible.

Biden said what he saw was horrible, and to see people being treated in that way was sickening. That horses almost running over people and other being strapped was outrageous. Biden then promised to make those involved in the incident ‘pay.’ He said he would investigate them, and that there would be consequences.

DHS already said they will be launching an investigation into the issue. The agents in questions have already been removed from their duty in the field, pending the investigation.

Author: Harry Jacobson