GOP Gets Swift Justice After Top CEO Caves To Leftist Pressure

Delta Air Lines is suffering under the weight of a new tax law in Georgia thanks to their own ‘woke’ policies.

The Georgia GOP signed a bill last week overhauling the state’s election system in an attempt to increase the validity and security of voting in their state. This bill was in direct response to the ‘irregularities’ they experienced during the 2020 election.

Initially, Delta Air lines supported the legislation but backpedaled a few days later after leftist pressure and boycotts got the best of them.

Ed Bastian, Delta’s CEO, released a statement about the new law stating “It doesn’t match our values.” Georgia House Republicans reacted swiftly by taking revenge on the wishy-washy airline, stripping the airline’s tax break for jet fuel. This tax break is worth over $35 million a year, and was a hard hit to the airline that’s already struggling under the weight of the pandemic.

Author: John Barr

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