GOP Exposes Biden’s True Allegiances — It’s Not With America

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spoke with Fox News host Sean Hannity following President Biden’s Congressional address, blasting the President’s proposals and saying that he would “throw up” if he ever hears someone refer to Biden as “a moderate” again.

Hannity put a question to Graham, asking hypothetically if all wealth were confiscated from “rich” individuals whether it would balance the budget.

“No,” replied Graham, adding that what he saw in Biden’s address was “the largest power grab in American history.”

Hannity said that to his eyes, Biden appeared weak. He pointed out that Biden failed to mention several power proposals that the Democratic Party has pushed for, such as court packing, ending the filibuster, and adding D.C. as a state.

Graham insisted to Hannity that “I saw a socialist tonight.” As evidence he pointed out that Biden’s plan to help American families is to “grow the government.” He claimed that Biden’s infrastructure proposal is “about climate change” not “roads and bridges.” He went on to say that he found Biden’s tone in terms of Russia and China “unnerving” and criticized the President for leaving Afghanistan “as if there’s no consequence.”

Graham concluded his statements by saying that Biden makes “Barack Obama look like Ronald Reagan.”

Author: Cecilia Jacobs

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