Global Leaders Blame Biden As Afghanistan Burns

After allowing Afghanistan to fall in to the hands of the Taliban, Biden attempted to shift the blame to Trump, but global leaders see right through his smoke screen, and recognize that Biden is solely to blame for the monumental failure of foreign policy.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson identified Biden’s failure as having “accelerated… a chronicle.. foretold,” and called upon Western countries to cooperate in a renewed effort to stop the country from once again turning into a “breeding ground for terrorism.”

Johnson’s declared plan is to quickly negotiate with the new government, “be it… Taliban or anybody else” and convince them to end terroristic activities as he believes it’s not in the country’s best interest to return to “pre-2001 status.”

The comments come in the wake of a rapidly deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, with the Taliban capturing huge swaths of the country in rapid offensives. The Islamic terrorist group now stands outside the country’s capital in Kabul.

Biden reacted by sending back 3,000 U.S. Troops, and then increasing the number to 5,000 in order to safely extract Americans from the city.

As the situation on the ground continues to devolve, Johnson made sure to distance any blame for the U.K. by underscoring how their involvement ended in 2014.

Other global leaders also declared their disappointment with Biden’s failings. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the situation heartbreaking and sympathized with the people of Afghanistan who now must live under the oppressive rule of the Taliban.

Trudeau added that his top priority is the safety and security of Canadians currently in the country while also ending diplomatic presence in Afghanistan and closing out their Kabul embassy.

Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, similarly stated that the country would take great effort to get their people out of Afghanistan in the wake of the deteriorating situation.

Johnson similarly said that the top priority of the U.K. is to ensure that they abide by their promises to nationals in the country, as well as to any who “helped the British effort” in the course of the past 20 years.

Author: Henry Holland