Fourth Graders Instructed To Hide Shocking Information From Their Parents

A Minnesota mother and her fourth-grade daughter recently expressed serious concern to their local school board following an event where the student’s class was handed an “equity survey” and the students were explicitly instructed to keep the activity a secret from their parents.

Hayley Yasgar, along with her mother Kelsey, spoke on Fox News yesterday, explaining that the survey’s questions were confusing to Haley, and that the request to hide the survey from her parents made her feel “very nervous and uncomfortable.”

A video leak uploaded by Alphanews reveals that when students failed to understand questions on the survey, the teacher from the Sartell-St. Stephen School District instructed them not to repeat the survey questions to parents.

The Center Square reported that the survey “asked questions that some… didn’t understand” even once they had been given “an explanation from their teacher.” The survey questions were still incomprehensible.

Since the George Floyd incident initiated a country-wide storm of conversation about race and policing, school districts nationwide have started to push critical race theory in education, attempting to frame all current events and ills through the lens of race.

CRT curriculum has become a matter of debate itself, with arguments about the role of racism and race in school districts across America. CRT teaches that power structures and institutions created by Europeans adversely affect racial minorities today, and is frequently used to justify anti-White racism.

Kelsey Yasgar said that the third party which administered the survey wouldn’t share the questions being asked of students, and was “very upset” to learn that her daughter had been instructed by teachers to keep the information on the survey a secret.

Hayley said that she believes her situation “wasn’t a single case,” adding that they were told that the policy “came down from the administration… [the] Equity Alliance of Minnesota” which instructed teachers to ensure that students didn’t share the information on the survey with parents. She added that the policy should be of “great concern” for parents.

Author: Melinda Spencer