Former ICE Director Makes Desperate Plea To Trump

Tom Homan, ICE’s former Acting Director, blasted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democratic Representative from New York, this week over the growing border crisis under the new administration.

Homan revealed that the border crisis was “totally preventable,” and the worst that he’s seen up to this point. Homan took it a step further, telling the world that Biden was explicitly warned that his decision to end the Trump’s border policies would result in this level chaos.

Biden’s response was haughty, of course, stating that they “know what they’re doing.” Homan further stated that the agents at the border feel completely abandoned by the Biden administration and feel they’re being forced to break American laws.

Earlier this week, Ocasio Cortez claimed that if anyone called the crises at the border a “surge” it’s because they are racist. Homan did not mince words in response to her ridiculous statement. Homan urged AOC to head on down to the border and talk to the agents in uniform. The agents who see the growing crisis every day and do the footwork to keep America safe. Homan completed his verbal assault with a simple statement that “if she can’t understand the crisis at the border, then she should not be allowed in Congress period.”

Author: Nora Humphrey

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