Former Friend Of Biden Rips Him To Shreds For What He’s Done To America

Of all the people that have a problem with Biden and his policies, he probably didn’t expect a verbal beating from this one. But that’s exactly what he got when Tulsi Gabbard announced that Biden is continually tearing the United States apart.

Gabbard, a Democrat and former Rep. from Hawaii, responded to questions about Biden and whether she thins he has changed in the time since his presidential campaign that took place in 2020.

Gabbard said that while Biden was her friend for a great number of years, she has been very sad to see what he’s done since taking over the administration, and the direction he’s taking our country in. Gabbard says Biden is undermining principles in our country that are fundamental, and that are tearing apart our country. She says what he should be doing is trying to bring the country together, with a dialogue that is respectful of each other, even when there are differences and disagreements on issues that come. She says we need to come together with respect for each other as Americans.

Gabbard also didn’t have anything nice to say about Biden’s plan to “Build Back Better,” or his infrastructure bill and his ability to manage the crisis with the supply chain.

Gabbards says they are painting this bill as an answer to the crisis that American are facing right now, but that the huge, multitrillion dollar bill is just going to make all these problems worse. Gabbard says the government itself already has too much power, and is bloated, and that this bill will just increase the inflation. That it will ramp up t he national debt, and make it more difficult for smaller businesses, and force people to become more dependent on the government that is already over encroaching into our lives.

She says that bureaucrats aren’t being held accountable, and they are putting their noses into everyone’s private lives.

Gabbard also says that the victory for Republicans in Virginia is a good sign, and that people are rejecting the divisiveness that many of her fellow Democrats are taking part of in this country.

Author: Curt Stephens