Former Foreign Allies Announce The End Of American Empire

Ever since Biden took office, thing have been looking worse and worse for everyone in the United States, and even further. Officials from the French government, including their esteem President, Emmanuel Macron, made a public statement saying that the ‘wokeness’ that’s taking over the United States is harming the entire European nation, as well.

Le Spectacle Du Monde, a very popular French magazine, just released a piece on American culture which it highlighted the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and placed the blame exclusively on the ever-growing prevalence of wokeness in the United States. The magazine also discussed that it believed the empire in America could be on the verge of falling.

It also targeted Universities throughout America, and cited Yale specifically for its censorship of any and all Halloween costumes that could be considered offensive. They consider all that’s happening on campuses across the United States to be extreme and frightening.

Macron himself says that the American culture is effective France and that French society is suffering as a result and becoming more racialized.

The delegate minister of France, Elisabeth Moreno said that what’s going on in America is very concerning and dangerous, and that the woke culture shouldn’t come to France. She said she views cancel culture as an opportunity to kick people out of debates because they think differently than the progressive left.

French officials all across Europe are concerned with the trend and say that the limiting of free speech is very frightening. That people should speak with each other even if they disagree strongly. The French Revolution itself occurred because people weren’t allowed to express their ideas freely, and this troubling trend could mean that America is on the verge of another Civil War.

These new comments come in light of the fact that America’s relationship with France is at a historic low under Biden. In fact, just last week the French President suggested that France should try to distance itself away from America.

The truth is that things are deteriorating in the United States, and everyone else in the world is catching on. We will see how long it take Democrats to figure it out.

Author: Heather Gaetz