Foreign Media Sounds Alarm On Biden’s Health

Australian media continues to expose Biden’s weaknesses and corruption, despite leftist’s attempts to quiet them. Alan Jones, a top news anchor in Australia, raised the alarm on Biden’s declining mental and physical health, citing increased concern from the U.S. and her allies.

Jones went a step further, claiming that Biden’s incoherent rambling and cognitively deficient health crisis is a direct insult to the people who fought for American democracy, and democracy around the world.

Jones called out American media, stating that they have done their best to cover for the failing President, without success of course. Even when Biden took a rather severe tumble down air force one’s steps, liberal media was silent. But when Trump walked slowly down the steps after an address last year, hours were devoted to covering his “failing health.”

Biden and leftist media companies continue to be inconsistent with their words and actions, and this confuses the American people and America’s allies. Only time will tell how long Biden can keep up this charade, but he probably isn’t going to make it all four years.

Author: Joe Little

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