Foreign Media Companies Aren’t Afraid To Out Biden’s Biggest Secret

The global community is witness to Joe Biden’s clear issues. While the mainstream media and Democrats have been trying to distract, spin and avoid the issue, other countries are ready to call it for what it is.

Paul Murray of Australia’s Sky News interviewed New York Post’s Miranda Devine, discussing concerns over the presidents cognitive abilities.

Murray commented on Biden’s policies, saying he’s clearly “wilder than Obama was.”

Devine points out that Kamala Harris has been calling and meeting with foreign leaders rather than Biden himself, raising questions about who’s really in charge.

Biden also couldn’t properly manage an interview with Univision on his own. In discussing his dismantling of the border protections set up under President Trump, he raised the issue of the child internment camps when Jill Biden rescued the interview by interjecting that the camps are run “humanely.”

Devine said that the interruption was inappropriate as Jill wasn’t elected and has no place expounding on policy.

Devine also directed attention to the fact that Biden has gone six weeks without holding a press conference, only making brief comments read from a teleprompter. “He loses his train of thought” she said.

If a friendly country like Australia is willing to raise these obvious questions, just imagine what our enemies may be making of all this. It could explain why Iran and it’s supported militias are starting to move at this time.

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