Foreign Bank Warns: US On Brink Of Financial Collapse

Deutsche Bank recently stated that the United States is on path towards one of the worst instances of runaway inflation in history as government spending skyrockets and relaxed fiscal policy wanes. The warning is that the inflation which is being sold as ‘transitory’ will actually have far more serious consequences for the American economy.

The report which was released on Monday cites quotes that contrast Ronald Reagan’s perspective and warnings about the dangers of inflations with Joe Biden’s “acting big” position on massive government spending.

The report reads that no matter where priorities lie in spending, that “central bankers must. . . prioritize inflation.” It continues by stating that history repeatedly showcases the “social costs of” accepting “significantly higher inflation” and particularly pointing to how “debt servicing obligations” make the situation “hard, if not impossible” to achieve the proposed social goals that the current U.S. administration seeks. The Deutsche Bank says that they fear “mistakes in policy” will have the greatest and earliest impact against “the vulnerable and disadvantaged.”

Of particular issue, according to Deutsch Bank, is the Federal Reserve’s most recent framework which tolerates high inflation in order to achieve economic recovery.

They note that the consequences of delay will ultimately result in “greater disruption” to financial activity and the economy than would be the case if they would act sooner. The current course, they warn, “could create significant recession.” Recession which affects not just America, but the global financial system and “particularly. . . emerging markets.”

The bank also stated that they do not agree with the belief that rising inflation is going to be temporary, stating that we are currently seeing the “most important shift” in 40 years regarding global macro policy. Financial injection is soaring at the same time that the Federal Reserve has decided to accept higher inflation. “Never before,” says Deutsch Bank, has such “expansionary” monetary and fiscal policy been tried.

They explain that this time is different than other instances of inflation because there’s no end in sight for output continuing to outpace potential. “The effects could be devastating,” they warn.

They conclusively state that the current Federal approach to spending leaves economies all over the globe “sitting on a time bomb.”

Author: Miriam Fowler