Foreign Affairs Expert Issues Grave Warning: America Is In Danger

Gordon Chang, a formidable expert on China, has just issued a stark warning regarding the grave danger of Biden’s continued kowtowing to China, which has remarkably continued in spite of America suffering for over a year due to the COVID pandemic (not to mention the rest of the free world, or what remains of the free world).

And Chang held back no punches when detailing Biden’s nefarious “money trail” with China, courtesy of his perpetually inept son Hunter, which is precisely why the Chinese have zero respect for Biden. On the contrary, they view him as a convenient tool to further accelerate their rather obvious ambitions of global domination.

“They don’t respect him … We know this from voices that we’ve heard from Beijing – most infamously Professor Di Dongsheng of Renmin University, who gave his comments on Nov. 28, where he was very explicit about what Chinese officials and others thought of Biden …

Basically, he said that Beijing thought they could push Biden around. We got a sense of that Jan. 23 when Chinese aircraft entered into Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone.” [Source: News Max]

Should have been a hint to Biden that Chinese aggression within 72 hours of him taking office does not bode well for American, and for that matter, global security, but Biden was too busy focusing on transgender sports and illegal aliens instead of more pressing matters.

Ironically, China would permit neither (transgender or illegals) in its own nation, to put it mildly, but as Biden has now infamously noted, genocide of Muslims is just simply a matter of different “cultural norms.”

Change also points out how America was much safer under Trump, considering that his perceived “unpredictablility” meant that the Chinese actually halted their behaviors, for once.

“China left the U.S. alone during the Trump years … Trump was unpredictable. China can deal with hostile leaders, but they have particular problems dealing with uncertainty. And Trump, to them, was uncertain — which is the reason why there was a relatively calm during the four years of Trump’s presidency. I think we’re going to see Beijing go after Biden in ways that they are really going to scare the world and terrify the Biden administration.” [Source: News Max]

Well, unfortunately, China is already scaring the world, not only through COVID, but also through their blatant attempts to cover it up, particularly with stymying a WHO investigation.

Chang also indicated Biden’s flip flopping on human rights issues, which is perhaps one of the worst issues to flip flop with.

“It’s not clear what Biden is going to do … During the campaign he said he was going to be the human rights president when it came to China. But so far we haven’t seen any evidence of that.” [Source: News Max]

Excellent point. What we have seen evidence of, however, is Mr. Hunter Biden’s rather salacious pursuit of money, culminating in a “sweetheart deal … arranged by the Communist Party.”

You know, the kind of deals that make Joe Biden “deeply proud” of his son.

Biden also may want to wake up to what’s going on in the United Kingdom, where the Chinese Communist Party is also steadily infiltrating British education, as noted by Nigel Farage, the UK Reform Party Leader.

“The world is being taken over by stealth by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Under a neo-colonial project, President Xi Jinping hopes to achieve global economic domination via massive international investments.” [Source: Breitbart]

Meanwhile, at Stanford University, a supposed bastion of intelligence, a member of the Chinese military, Chen Song, astonishingly managed to obtain a highly paid research position, after lying on the J-1 visa application about her ties to the Chinese government.

No wonder Chang warned that China would not be eliminated from national discussions anytime soon.

“This is going to be a continuing story, because there’s a money trail … There’s going to be a lot that comes out in the next several months.” [Source: News Max]

One can only hope that Trump swoops in before everything comes full circle for Hunter (or Hunted) Biden, not to mention for the current president of the United States …

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