First Bus Load Of Illegal Immigrants Dropped Off In Biden’s Backyard

The Biden administration and his open borders Democrat cohorts will be forced to deal with the illegal immigration crisis dead on. Governor Greg Abbott of Texas made good on a recent promise to begin sending chartered busses full of illegal aliens to Washington D.C. where they will be free to roam around our nation’s capital.

Ordinarily, Biden’s border officials simply release illegal aliens into border towns in Texas causing an uptick in crime and economic devastation much to the chagrin of local citizens. Now, however, the D.C. bubble has officially busted by illegal border crossers whom progressive Democrats worship from afar in their D.C. offices.

The first charter bus, which can carry up to 40 migrants, pulled into the nation’s capital around 9 a.m. local time Wednesday, dropping off passengers between the U.S. Capitol and Union Station.

Migrants from Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua were on the first bus. The United States is limited in its ability to repatriate migrants to those countries, forcing the government to detain or release them at the border. Migrants are then placed in removal proceedings that likely will not be resolved in court for several years.

State officials in Texas say busing migrants to Washington is more like a disaster evacuation than a kidnapping, following criticism from Democrats and some Republicans after Abbott’s announcement of the plan on April 6.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management is working directly with towns and cities along the border with Mexico that request transportation for migrants who have been released from custody by the Border Patrol. Similar to how local officials can request state assistance during a hurricane or flood, an assistance request must be submitted.

Migrants must volunteer to board the buses and sign waivers. They are not in federal, state, or local custody at any time during the transport.

Many migrants who are released into the U.S. are on humanitarian parole, while others are given documents mandating they appear in immigration court. All migrants are either tracked through ankle monitors or cellphone apps or must remain in contact with the government through other means.

Over the past year, illegal border crossings have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels thanks to the Biden administration’s so-called “humanitarian” approach to immigration. According to the current regime, it’s considered “humanitarian” to encourage migrants from third world countries to make a dangerous trek across a highly-policed border, and enter an entirely new country illegally where you will be tracked through a cell phone app until your day in immigration court.

American citizens living in or near these border towns, or in cities popular with illegals (like Los Angeles), are forced to bear the harrowing consequences of unmitigated immigration. Job loss, reduction of wages, unprecedented crime — the list truly goes on.

Most importantly, illegal aliens are given more concessions from the U.S. government than actual citizens, including but not limited to free electronic devices, cash cards, job permits, and bypassing of pandemic protocols which still plague the average citizen today.

Author: Ann Taylor