Federal Judge Snubs Biden — Saves Thousands Of Jobs

A federal judge from Louisiana blocked the Biden administration on Tuesday, ending their unlawful halt on drilling leases for federal land. The federal order disrupts one of Biden’s key far-left environmental efforts by issuing a preliminary injunction against the illegal policy.

Judge Terry A. Doughty said in his ruling that the Biden administration does not have the authority to end leasing of federal lands for oil and gas without the approval of Congress.

Over a dozen states jointly sued the Biden administration for the harmful and extreme proposal. This ruling is a major blow to Joe Biden, who suspended federal leases in January as part of his campaign promises to transition the U.S. away from oil based energy.

Doughty wrote in his statement that the Biden administration failed to offer “any rational explanation” for the cancellation of the lease sales, which as he points out, were worth billions of dollars to the Plaintiff states who are reliant upon “the proceeds” of gas and oil drilling.

Doughty added that funding for local governments, many jobs and funding for Louisiana rebuilding projects are at stake.

Officials in support of American energy were jubilant with the decision as it marks a major victory for the rule of law representing workers and American citizens over the minority interests of radicalized environmentalists.

Kevin O’Scannlain, the VP of the upstream policy from the American Petroleum Institute said that the Biden administration’s block was harmful to the country’s “security, environmental progress and economic recovery.” Adding that he was pleased with the ruling and urged the administration to obey the injunction, getting rid of the “import more oil” policy which the Biden administration has pursued as an alternative to domestic drilling, which largely damages American jobs and consequently, families and towns.

Louisiana AG Jeff Landry called the ruling a Constitutional victory which helps workers employed by the gas and oil industry, as well as everyday Americans who have endured higher gas prices since Biden’s inauguration.

Landry added that he greatly appreciates how the courts recognized how President Biden was “completely outside his authority” with his efforts to shut down the gas and oil industry.

Representative Jody Arrington (R-TX) hailed the ruling as something which would “save a million jobs” in addition to securing American’s supply of “safe and affordable. . . energy.”

Author: Lowell Bryant