Federal Court Issues Perfect Justice To Rogue Leftist

A ‘mostly peaceful’ BLM rioter just got slapped with a $12 million fine and a 4 year prison sentence for his role in the burning of the Minneapolis PD station during the May 2020 BLM riot.

23 year old Dylan Robinson must be pay the fine after his prison sentence. The Minnesota man plead guilty to a charge of conspiracy to commit arson in December. Robinson’s lawyer says that “there is no realistic chance” that his client will ever be able to pay the $12 million fine.

A federal complaint made the accusation that Robinson lit a Molotov cocktail, handing it to another person who threw it at the Minneapolis PD 3rd Precinct headquarters. Robison was also alleged to have participated in tearing down a protective fence which surrounded the station.

Three other individuals have also plead guilty in relation to the incident and await sentencing.

Robinson reportedly travelled 120 miles to Minneapolis from Brainerd, Minnesota to participate in the riot.

Surveillance footage captured Robinson lighting the Molotov cocktail which another individual was holding, later setting the building on fire with it.

Minneapolis FBI special agent Michael Paul said that Robinson’s sentence “sends a clear message,” warning that no matter the intent, violent and dangerous actions such as Robinson’s will be held to account. “We simply will not let it go unaddressed,” he said.

A June 2020 report revealed that total damage from fires and vandalism in Minneapolis caused by BLM riots amounted to an excess of $55 million. In July of that year, Governor Walz made a request for federal funding after it was discovered that the riots damage caused over $500 million in damage.

Author: Preston Romero

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