Fauci’s Lies Catch Up To Him — Rand Paul Moves In For The Kill

Senator Rand Paul has had enough of Anthony Fauci’s antics. Fauci is finished, and most of the country agrees. Fauci can’t commit a decision on anything, he constantly flip-flops on policy, has a track record that demonstrates his failure on just about everything related to COVID-19 and has been caught red-handedly playing political theatre after he got vaccinated. He wore a mask for months after being vaccinated, and even confessed that it wasn’t necessary. He insisted that the public still wear masks even after confessing that store-bought masks can’t effectively curb the spread of COVID, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying his little autocracy as a public health czar. But Fauci did something that could land him with very real consequences, he may have committed a felony by lying in front of Congress, and the proof is coming out.

Fauci hates talking about secretive grants given to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, becoming visibly irritated when probed about how the money was used. The big question, was it used for gain-of-function research? We learn more every day about the lab-leak theory and it’s confirmation is all but certain at this point.

Fauci and Paul exchanged heated blows recently, calling one another liars during session.

Paul warned Fauci, asking if he was aware that lying before Congress is a criminal act. Paul then brought up earlier of Fauci’s remarks from May 11, when he said that the NIH never sent funding to Wuhan for gain of function research.

But Paul pulled out an ace in the hole, a report from the Wuhan Lab which reveals that gain-of-function research was in fact performed at the Wuhan Institute on bat based coronaviruses… “funded by the NIH,” as Paul points out.

The paper Paul showed Fauci, gives credit to the NIH for funding, and explains how they took two coronavirus genes from bats, genes which are spiked, and paired them with a “SARS-related backbone” in order to create a new virus that’s not found in nature.

This doesn’t represent the first time Fauci has been caught lying under oath.

Even a columnist from the Washington Post, Josh Rogin shared the fact that “Paul was right… Fauci was wrong.”

Paul has had enough, and now he’s requested that the Justice Department grant a criminal referral against Fauci for his brazen lies before Congress.

Author: Troy French