Fauci’s Latest Announcement Makes Everyone Hate Him Even More Than Biden

Amid constantly flip-flopping policies on the pandemic and tantalizing tales of corruption, it’s safe to say that no one trusts the director of the U.S. Institute of Infectious Diseases and Allergies, Dr. Anthony Fauci. He’s facing an increasing amount of criticism for what he said on Sunday while interviewing on CBS News, when he said that it was way ‘too soon’ to be able to tell if everyone in America will be able to get together with friends and family during the Christmas season.

He made the controversial remarks while interviewing the Margaret Brennan on CBS news, during her ‘Face the Nation’ program in response to a question asked about the upcoming holiday.

Fauci says that it’s too soon to know if people will be able to gather for the Christmas holiday. He says the focus of the nation should be on trying to get COVID numbers down even more and to try our best not to jump head by months or weeks and make commitments at any particular time. He says that everyone should have laser focus on trying to get the number of Coronavirus Cases in the United States down by getting more and more people vaccinated, and to give boosters to those people in which it’s appropriate to give boosters to. He says we know with great certainty that we can help reduce infection and development into severe cases of the disease by getting people their vaccines.

Responses to Fauci’s claims were, of course, mixed. Mary Katharie Ham of CNN says that Fauci recently said during at even at the Atlantic that he doesn’t think mild or moderate cases of COVID infections are okay, but now he’s saying the purpose of the vaccines is to prevent severe cases only, instead of preventing transmission completely. She says he isn’t philosophically compatible with running a free society.

U.S. Senate candidate, Sean Parnell had a more direct approach, telling Fauci that everyone celebrated with their families last year, and that we would all do it again this year.

More common though, was the response from the general public, who says “F*** Fauci.” Looks like Fauci is joining Biden on the F*** chant train.

Author: Velma Jones