Fauci Slips — His True Puppet Master Revealed

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has happily offered his opinion on multitudes of topics.

Throughout his reign as the eminent and all-knowing expert on coronavirus, he has instructed Americans to cancel holiday gatherings, wear masks even if vaccinated, stop children from playing together, attend sports events, and any other thing he feels authorized to suck the fun out of.

But Fauci won’t raise a finger to anything that would harm Leftists causes, such as the mass protests of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. He also remains silent on the matter of COVID-19 infected migrants, who are pouring through the southern border.

If Donald Trump were president, Fauci would doubtlessly be calling for preventative action against the migrant processing facilities which place thousands of people in tiny cramped spaces. But he doesn’t dare raise any matter which could be harmful to Democratic President Biden.

However, his silence has not gone unnoticed. Mark Meadows, former chief of staff under President Trump pointed out that every policy of the Trump administration “medical or otherwise,” was received by Fauci’s criticism. However, Fauci has remained contentedly silent on the matter of Biden “releasing thousands of. . . untested migrants into the U.S.”

A number of GOP lawmakers sent a letter to Fauci on March 12, pleading with him to use his political clout to prevent “a dangerous. . . pipeline for COVID-19,” that being the endless surge of migrants crossing from Mexico and Central America.

But Fauci remains silent on the issue of the COVID-19 impact of the migrant crisis.

Author: Mariah Richards

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