Fauci Rips Families Apart With Outrageous New Demands

Earlier this week, Dr. Anthony Fauci implored American families to enforce their own vaccine mandates in advance of the coming Christmas season and other holidays as fears of the latest omicron variant spread throughout the country.

Fauci, speaking with the Washington Post, recommended that families ask their holiday guests, including their loved ones, about their current vaccination status before allowing celebrations to take place. He even suggested that vaccination be a requirement before inviting relatives to ones own home.

This is, in his view of things, the only way for families to “enjoy” their holiday traditions indoors. Fauci commented that “dinners and gatherings within the home” can and should only be enjoyed amongst “people who are vaccinated.” He went further at that point, insisting that families “ask and maybe require… evidence that [their guests] are vaccinated.”

Fauci then went in to a long citation of data about how vaccinated individuals find themselves at lower risk of death or hospitalization in the case that they contract a breakthrough case of COVID-19.

Fauci continued to drive home that being unvaccinated leaves one in a situation of “extreme vulnerability,” and again, cited data from states and communities that have low rates of vaccine compliance. He claimed that such regions suffer “a much higher” rate of hospitalization, infection, and death.

Despite the new omicron variants progress throughout numerous states, over 99% of all COVID cases today are the older delta variant.

Some of the latest states to detect the new omicron variant are Florida and Illinois, mere days after the first case in America was detected in San Francisco.

The CDC announced earlier this week that 19 of the 50 states have detected the new variant thus sfar.

Fauci has received relentless criticism for constantly moving the goalposts regarding when Americans should be allowed to return to normal life. This has been especially frustrating as Fauci has been the mastermind behind truncating so many basic freedoms throughout his reign as the COVID czar.

Author: Glen Schmidt