Fauci Caught Telling The Mother Of All Lies

If there’s one thing that everyone in America knows, it’s that Fauci’s face is extremely punchable, at least right now. He changes policies on everything, it’s like a back-and-forth game that we, the American people, are never going to win it. The man straight up admits (via email of to start, of course) that the makes you buy from stores simply do not work when it comes to stopping the spread of the deadly Wuhan virus. It’s become painstakingly obvious that the NIH played a part in the research of COVID, possibly even creating the deadly virus that escaped from Wuhan’s Coronavirus lab.

Originally, Fauci was fully against a study that didn’t recommend that people get booster shots of the COVID vaccine, and now he’s completely changed his tune. He’s also one of the number one pushers of the liberal narrative to get your vaccine but also please don’t go anywhere and stay inside lest you get the virus and die. These statements completely undercut the push for vaccines in America. It caused skepticism of epic proportions about whether or not the vaccine was even effective, and rightfully so. And now, he’s dropped another huge bombshell, the size of Nagasaki, with misinformation about the flu, COVID and children. Fauci said in a public statement that the United States has lost more children to COVID than we ever have to the flu. And guess what? That’s a bald-faced lie, and the CDC itself has date to prove it. Social media erupted after these statements with criticism of Fauci and facts to prove him otherwise.

If we’ve learned anything from this God-awful pandemic, it’s to mute the television whenever Fauci opens his stupid mouth. Everything he says is a lie, and he has become one of the most annoying and insufferable men on the entire planet, and should, probably at this point, be launched all the way out into the atmosphere to suffocate on his own words.

Just be quiet, Tony. Everyone knows you’re a liar, and you’ve derailed an entire nation on these lies. Can we get a round of applause for these idiots?

Author: Wendy Gates