Fauci Caught Smack Dab In The Middle Of An Animal Abuse Ring

Under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases used over $424,000 in taxpayer funds to run experiments where beagles were infested with parasitic flies, despite the fact that the procedure was already carried out and tested extensively on other animals. The White Coat Waste Project, a government watchdog group which obtained records of the animal testing discovered that almost half of Fauci’s massive $6 billion budget got spent on animal experimentation such as his abusive dog experiment.

The funds were handed to the Research Foundation at the University of Georgia to conduct the experiment.

The White Coat Waste Project reports that documents they obtained through a FOIA reveal that Fauci commissioned a study that tested drugs on healthy beagles after they were infected with diseased parasites known to affect humans.

The documents also showed that the experiments were entirely unnecessary because other animals had already been tested such as gerbils and macaques.

The documents acquired through the FOIA describe “vocalized pain,” experienced by the dogs throughout the experiments.

The task order from the NIAID contained information that revealed how 29 beagles were infected and endured symptoms for 3 months before they were euthanized for blood collection. The experiments were slated for completion by January of 2022 but the task order also includes a provision to euthanize the dogs at 196 days after the beginning of the study. The study began on November 12 of 2020 and so the dogs were all euthanized in June of this year if the schedule was adhered to.

Vice President of the White Coat Waste Project, Justin Goodman, said that Anthony Fauci should be held accountable for using taxpayer funds to conduct abusive experimentation.

Goodman added that Fauci’s use of $6 billion every year involves “staggering waste and abuse,” and points out that “it’s not just Wuhan.” He slammed Fauci for pursuing “questionable” experiments on animals and called the beagle tests “unnecessary,” and part of a set of “maximum pain experiments.”

The group started a petition which demands increased governmental transparency when taxpayer dollars are used to perform experiments on animals.

Author: Miranda Hampton