Fake News Criticizes Trump-Supporting Ice Cube, See Rapper’s Response …

By Cortney O'Brien October 30th, 2020 | Image Source: Town Hall

Rapper and actor Ice Cube is onboard with President Trump’s Platinum Plan to boost economic opportunity in the African-American community. And he’s getting lots of flak for it.

“I guess Ice Cube associates himself with Donald Trump calling Hispanics breeders,” said MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. “I guess Ice Cube associates himself with Jared Kushner saying that Donald Trump can’t help black people if Black people don’t want to help themselves. I guess that’s what Ice Cube associates himself with. Nice career move.”

The artist responded to the likes of Scarborough by explaining how the Trump White House is doing the work when it comes to improving Black lives.

“You know, at the end of the day, they’re mad because I’m just willing to work with anybody that’s willing to work with me to see some of these things that’s in the contract with Black America come to pass,” Cube explained in an interview for Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria.”

Part of Trump’s proposal, Bartiromo noted, is $40 billion in new lending to help the Black community create or boost businesses.

“So, with these things in place, I wanted to make sure that anything being done, that we need to be at the front of this line,” Cube said. “The Black people who’ve been here for centuries, who suffered here for centuries, need to be at the front of any line when it comes to helping businesses – you know, over the pandemic. Over 43 percent of our businesses have shut down. Nobody’s talking about that.”

Ice Cube has explained that Democrats have been “cordial” to him, but they’ve been all talk. From what he’s seen, it’s the GOP that has moved the needle on Black empowerment.

Author: Cortney O’Brien

Source: Town Hall: Ice Cube Responds to Joe Scarborough After He Condemns Him for Working with Trump

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