Facebook Has a Very Suspicious Excuse For Their Worldwide Outage

Facebook services returned to the internet after a seven hour long outage which was their worst and longest downtime since the website’s crash in 2008. The catastrophic outage similarly affected the tech giant’s other applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram which brought the massive tech empire to it’s knees for most of Monday. Facebook claims that “configuration changes” are to blame for the total suspension of services.

It was reported on Monday that Facebook’s many services went offline just before 12:00 EST. Ironically, Facebook used a Twitter profile to update the world about its ongoing issues.

About six hours after acknowledging the issue, the company sent another tweet that stated the company had stabilized the site and access was starting to be restored.

Facebook published a blog post which details that issues that led to the outage, stating that most of their websites’ functionality has been restored, but some users are still experiencing issues. Santosh Janardhan, Facebook’s Infrastructure VP explained the outage in a blog post.

The blog claims that a configuration update went wrong that interfered with the routers owned by the website to coordinate internet traffic between company data centers and users. Janardhan described the failure as having “a cascading effect” which brought down the entire network. He added that there is no reason to think that user data was at risk as a result of the outage.

Janardhan added an apology to Facebook users, and particularly “businesses… who depend on us,” for the outage.

It’s not the first time that Facebook has gone offline, in 2008, a software bug took Facebook down for an entire day, and as recently as 2019, the website was down for about an hour because of a server configuration adjustment. Back in 2008, the website had a mere 80 million affected users, but Monday’s event affected 2.89 billion users.

As a consequence of the outage, Facebook stock plummeted, costing Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO and founder, a personal loss of $7 billion. The loss was severe enough to lose him the spot of 5th richest person on the planet to the 6th.

The outage is strangely coincidental with new reporting by the Wall Street Journal about damning internal Facebook documents that were leaked by a whistleblower. That whistleblower is expected to testify before the U.S. Senate soon.

I wonder what Facebook was able to cover up during their “configuration” smokescreen?

Author: Sherman Howell