Facebook Eats Dirt, ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Were Right All Along

Facebook is getting served crow today, as a company spokesperson quietly disclosed that the tech giant’s website will no longer be censoring social media posts which reference the Wuhan Lab origin theory which was previously considered a wild and dangerous conspiracy theory.

The latest policy decision marks a complete reversal of their February stance when Facebook announced that it intended to purge the site of what it saw as false and misleading claims, amongst them, the suggestion that COVID-19 was “man-made or manufactured.” The website kept a long dossier of ‘debunked’ assertions throughout the pandemic based on consultation with global health leaders.

The spokesperson claimed that Facebook is ending its hostile treatment of internet content related to the lab-leak theory, as recent investigations into COVID-19’s origin have bolstered the theory. The spokesperson explained that Facebook will continue to collaborate with health experts “as new facts and trends emerge.”

The decision to about-face their censorship measures comes on the heels of a Wall Street Journal report that revealed three scientists working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology became hospitalized late in 2019 with COVID like symptoms.

Even the Biden administration’s hand was forced, with the President announcing that efforts to investigate the virus’s origin “redouble” in effort. However, as has been earlier reported, the Biden administration may have actively obstructed the American investigation into the coronavirus’s origin, canceling it with the vague assertion that the investigation was using improper methodology.

Biden claimed on Wednesday that two divergent causes are under investigation, and that a determination stands between whether the virus came as a result of “human contact” with an animal or “a laboratory accident.”

Republicans and Democrats at the Capitol made a rare joint effort, demanding an independent investigation into the matter which will not be allowed to be barred or interfered with.

Facebook is the first tech company to restore free speech on the topic of coronavirus’s origins.

Author: Suzy Murphy

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