Facebook Cornered On Their Biggest Lie Yet

Facebook claims that their “fact check” operation is an objective means of keeping the public aware of so called ‘fake news,’ to protect them from dangerous and fringe ideas. Their narrative, however, has been exposed in court as being a system that is merely an expression of their corporate opinion, and has nothing to do with the true facts.

Facebook’s “fact check” system has caused several high-profile bans on their website, which is a make or break moment for publishers’ ability to reach readers. As such they have been sued by John Stossel who seeks defamation charges against the Tech Giant for their labeling against the libertarian pundit’s videos regarding climate change.

Facebooks lengthy defense statement includes a line about Stossel’s published views, claiming that: “The labels themselves are neither false nor defamatory; to the contrary, they constitute protected opinion.” Just to be clear, the “protected opinion” referred to in this statement is the mainstream conjecture that climate change is real and anthropogenic. They admitted outright that it’s not a defensible, provable fact, but just their own opinion that drives their ‘fact checking’ apparatus.

Fact checking is a long recognized loophole for pushing editorial opinion in news, and this tactic has backfired in the past, such as in 2017 when the website discovered the placing a “red flag” on articles they considered fake actually brought more attention to it.

Some media outlets, including the Washington Post, only kept fact checking operations around for the term of former President Donald Trump, and completely abandoned them when Democrat President Biden took office. The move is a clear indication of media bias, where the leftist media empire wants to crush Republicans with “fact-checking” while passing off their Democrat allies as Honest Abes.

The takeaway from the Facebook court case is that they revealed their own hand. Third-party media handlers such as Facebook are simply forcing their opinion into the narrative to push a particular ideology, even if it’s completely contrary to the real facts.

Author: Courtney Boone