Even Democrats Are Horrified By Biden’s Role In This Scandal

Ted Cruz, a top Republican Senator in Texas, made a chilling discovery this week. Cruz revealed that members of the cartel are “renting” kids in chaotic Central American Countries. Cartel members then bring the children to our Southern border. Why? To fan the flames of a national health, humanitarian and security crisis.

Cruz revealed that the border is saturated with children, but the strange thing is that they are arriving there with young, adult males. When DNA is tested, the genetic material doesn’t match. The young, adult males are not related to the children.

Cartel members understand how loopholes work, and more importantly, how weak the Biden administration is. They know that if they want to get into America, the easiest way to do it is to bring a child with them to the border.

What’s worse is that these children, many of whom are babies or toddlers, are subjected to horrific physical and sexual abuse. And who do we have to thank for all of this? Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, of course.

Their ridiculous policies are fueling this influx of drug cartel, as well as the abuse of these children. Additionally, they’re endangering the lives of the American people. Not only because they are releasing murderers and drug addicts into the U.S., but because they are also releasing contagious people into the U.S.

Illegal immigrants are COVID-positive more than 7 times as often as American citizens, and they are pumping them into the country in droves. Team Biden knows this is dangerous, but they choose to ignore the facts. No one is sure whether their intentions are malicious or sheer incompetence, but the facts remain. What they’re doing will almost certainly be an end to America and the great empire it has created.

Author: William Jones

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