Even Democrats Are Fighting Biden’s Radical New Agenda

State representative Cezar McKnight, a Democrat from South Carolina, introduced legislation which would prohibit minors from receiving medications that would alter gender or delay puberty, as well as blocking transgender-reassignment surgery for minors.

The Bill is titled the “South Carolina Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act” and would make a felon out of violators, as well as prison sentencing of up to 20 years.

The bill prohibits counselling, referrals or actions which would lead to a minor altering their appearance for the purpose of the minors perceived gender or sex, if it deviates from the minors biological sex.

The bill offers exceptions for children who suffer from legitimate sexual development disorders such as hermaphroditism.

The Associated Press reports that 23 Republicans have joined rank with McKnights legislation. McKnight has represented his heavily Democrat district for 6 years.

McKnight defended his bill by explaining that “this bill isn’t anti-trans,” and he believes that he represents his constituents wishes by making people “wait until [they’re] eighteen,” before making such a large decision.

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