Even Amid Rising Pump Costs, Biden Is Killing American Oil Projects

How dumb can the Biden administration get? Well, as prices for gas soar around the nation and Americans are crippled by the prices, Biden thought it would be a good idea to abandon a major gas and oil drilling project located in the northern part of Alaska. This project would have bolstered our energy independence as a nation and created thousands of jobs to help more forward this stifled economy.

The Department of the Interior decided not to file an appeal of the federal district court’s decision to block the project. The project was called the Willow Master Development Plan and was taking place in the National Petroleum Reserve in northern Alaska.

An oil company based in Texas was developing and overseen the project in conjunction with ConocoPhillips. It was expected to produce around 160,000 barrels a day of oil and pump them into the Trans Alaska Pipeline. That would have been a 32% boost to that pipeline, which, right now, is producing a little less than 500,000 barrels/day.

Hundreds of oil jobs and construction jos would have been generated and also a massive increase in revenue for Biden’s federal government, Alaska State, and the local communities.

The multibillion-dollar project had the green light from the BLM under Trump’s administration back in 2020. But after Biden gained victory in the election, environmentalists sued and stopped the project.

Back in August, a U.S. District Judge, Sharon Gleason, voided the approval for the project saying the bureau failed to review the greenhouse gas emissions, which she said would harm wildlife.

Funnily enough, Biden was initially supportive of the project and said he was ready to move forward with it. But when the deadline to overturn Gleason’s ruling came and there was no appeal filed, it killed the project.

Environmentalist are, of course, thrilled. But the economic impact of this decision is one that will not be forgotten by America, or the entire congressional delegation in Alaska that approved the project. In a time where gas prices are soaring to never-before-seen levels, this is a terrible decision on Biden’s part, and no one will forget it.

Author: Kate Hansen