European Union Wants Biden Gone — By Any Means Necessary

More and more foreign nations are sounding the alarm on Biden and his mental decline. Recently, the Netherlands felt so strongly about it that they held a press conference to discuss the issue.

Hans Netten, a scientist from Netherlands’ Hague University, revealed to the European Union the extent of Biden’s inability to perform as president. Netten cited Biden’s unintelligible verbal skills and weakening physical condition.

Additionally, Netten pointed out Biden’s inability to remember topics he’d just discussed only moments before, and his constant difficulty remembering the names of people, agencies and places he should know. Netten also revealed that Biden’s dependence on notes was a tell-tale symptom of his decline.

Netten said there is growing concern that a “weak” president is an innate threat to the stability and security of the entire world. Netten isn’t the only one noticing this either, the rest of the world is watching, waiting for Biden’s next fumble.

Author: Randy Fikas

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