Establishment Journalist Deceptively Edits Explosive Trump Interview

US Television's latest superstar, Piers Morgan, appeared on the Mall today being filmed by a CNN filmcrew. Excited tourists and Royal-watchers started taking photographs of him, until he asked the police to clear all members of the public from his camera shot.

At this point, you probably don’t need any additional proof that establishment media outlets and the rat-faced journalists who do their dirty work are vile cretins hellbent on destroying, well, everything.

They are the true enemy of the people.

Not Vladimir Putin.

The British import Piers Morgan teased an explosive interview with Former President Donald Trump in which he deceptively edited a video to give the appearance that it ended badly.

A 30-second advertisement of the interview, which was shared by Morgan himself, strongly implies that Trump stormed out of the room after being confronted about his credible claims that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election, which has now been proven true.

However, according to an audio recording from a member of Trump’s team, that isn’t how the interview ended. In fact, despite Trump calling Morgan “dishonest” to his face, the interview ended amicably.

You can listen to Trump’s audio here.

The discussion was stretched past the one-hour mark, and Morgan kept pressing Trump on a variety of topics. The Former President graciously answered a multitude of questions despite Morgan saying he was wrapping up the interview. In other words, Piers Morgan lied to Trump in order to get an agitated response on video.

Although the promo indicates Trump gets frustrated with questions and calls Morgan “very dishonest,” that comment is in reference to the English broadcaster dragging out the interview, and still, Morgan gets in another question on Trump scoring a hole-in-one last month.

The audio comes to an end with Trump and Morgan exchanging pleasantries: Morgan says “congratulations,” Trump thanks him, and Morgan calls it a “great interview.” Trump seems to agree, answering “yeah.” It is during the shuffling that follows, when Trump gets up out of his chair, that Trump says to “turn the camera off” as is shown in the promo.

Trump immediately responded to Morgan’s total dishonesty in a written statement posted to his Save America PAC website, to which Piers responded:

Other topics they covered in the final minutes of the interview at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida included transgender athletes, Trump’s record, and the 2024 election.

The bottom line: Donald Trump should not be sitting down for interviews with dishonest establishment journalists. Which member of Trump’s press team would even suggest something doing this? They should be fired immediately.

Author: Ann Taylor