Elon Musk Offers $40 Billion To Take Twitter Private — And Liberals Are Fuming Mad

The liberal blue-check crowd on Twitter has begun showing their hands after Tesla CEO and Twitter shareholder Elon Musk offered to buy 100% of the social media company and restore unrestricted free speech to the platform.

On Thursday, Elon Musk made a public offer to buy Twitter in its entirety at over $50 per share totaling over $40 billion for the deal. If approved, Musk vows to take the social media company private to make the changes necessary to establish unmitigated free speech.

Since then, left-wing journalists and Twitter’s blue-check glitterati have had a complete meltdown. They liken Musk’s potential Twitter purchase as just an evil billionaire using his resources to control society. Meanwhile, they say nothing about Jeff Bezos’ ownership of the Washington Post or Bill Gates buying up all the free real estate in America.

Leftist Journalist #1:

Anti-Gun Activist:

NYU Professor:

All of the most awful people in this country oppose Musk’s deal, which probably translates to it being a net positive for the free speech movement.

Musk, who became Twitter’s largest shareholder with a 9.2% purchase of shares over the last few months, made a public offer to buy 100% of the company at $54.20 a share, an 18% premium over Twitter’s closing price yesterday.

At Musk’s quoted price, the proposed purchase of Twitter would come to $43 billion in total.

Musk disclosed his communication with Twitter’s board chairman and has also revealed his official offer letter to shareholders. Musk said promoting free speech around the world was the motivation behind his offer.

In his letter to Bret Taylor, chairman of Twitter’s board, Musk said he does not believe the necessary changes can be made if the social media company remains public, therefore the Tesla CEO plans to take the company fully private if the deal proceeds.

You can read Musk’s letter below:

Twitter previously offered Musk a seat on Twitter’s board in return for a guarantee that the billionaire would not buy more than 14.9% of shares in the company, which Musk turned down.

To prove Musk’s point that Twitter no longer adheres to the principle of free speech, a poll was conducted on his page to get the public’s temperate on the issue.

Here’s what over 2 million Twitter users had to say:

Over 70% of respondents do not believe the social media platform adheres to the principle of free speech, a result that spurred Musk’s billion-dollar purchase of Twitter shares.

Author: Asa McCue