Elon Musk Finally Reveals Whether Twitter Will Lift Trump’s Ban

Twitter executives knew exactly what they were doing when they banned the current sitting President of the United States last year.

Insidious collusion between Big Tech operatives and establishment figures in D.C. was fomenting leading up to the 2020 presidential election. The powers that be were amazed that Donald Trump retained the level of popularity he achieved during the previous presidential election and they were willing to do anything to stop him — even destroy American democracy.

Since then, the Democrat Party along with their Big Tech buddies have deployed a giant psyop on the American public in an attempt to erase the truth from all of our memories.

Their main tactics for pulling this off include mass social media censorship, the discrediting of all election fraud claims, appealing to authoritative “experts” on election security, and manipulating mainstream media to convince Americans that voter fraud doesn’t exist.

Donald Trump – never one to back down, especially when his reelection was just stolen from him – consistently published multiple pieces of evidence essentially spelling out the Democrats’ plan to rig the 2020 election. This was resolutely censored by Big Tech operatives who then proceeded to blacklist the President from social media altogether.

Cut to today and Twitter has a brand new owner, a controversial billionaire ostensibly interested in restoring free speech rights to his social media platform.

Tesla CEO and “richest man in the world” Elon Musk has been highly critical of the version of Twitter responsible for banning Donald Trump. He’s posted tweets both cryptic and overtly clear about his intentions to completely revolutionize the most powerful social media platform.

This means reinstating Former President Donald Trump.

Billionaire Elon Musk finally answered the question on all of our minds: Would you, as Twitter’s new rightful owner, reverse the permaban of Former President Donald Trump?

His answer was actually shocking.

The decision to ban the then-president after the Jan. 6 protests was, according to Musk, a “morally bad decision and foolish in the extreme.”

“I would reverse the ban — but I don’t own Twitter yet,” Musk said during a Tuesday keynote interview organized by the Financial Times, alleging that former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey agrees with him on this stance.

“I do think it was not correct to ban Donald Trump,” Musk added. “I think that was a mistake because it alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result in Donald Trump not having a voice.”

The question is, will Donald Trump return to the social media platform he was wrongfully booted from?

Trump himself has denied any interest in returning to Twitter, claiming he finds the platform boring and saying he intends to focus on his own social platform, Truth Social.

Twitter hasn’t been the same without Donald Trump — arguable the best poster of all time. Everyone hopes he has a change of heart after Elon finally takes the reigns.

Author: Ann Taylor