Elitist John Kerry Remains Clueless, Check This Out…

By Eric Mack January 29th, 2021 | Image Source: Newsmax

President Joe Biden’s climate czar John Kerry fired back at critics who seized on his comment Wednesday that even zero carbon emissions in the U.S. would not make much difference.

“I didn’t say it wouldn’t make any difference; I said it won’t make the difference that will save us from the problem, because all of the world has to be at the table,” Kerry, special presidential envoy for climate, told MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on Thursday.

“The only point I was making, we need to reduce our emissions. We are the second largest emitter in the world. And if you put China and the United States together, that’s almost 50 percent of all the emissions in the world.

“The point I was making is, this is a global endeavor that all countries need to join in.”

Former President Donald Trump had taken the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement, because he argued China was the leading carbon emitter and did not bear the burden the Obama administration signed American taxpayers up for.

“I don’t understand the opposition,” Kerry told Mitchell. “I don’t think there’s any gain in it politically, because, massively, the polling shows that Americans understand this is a crisis and we need to address it.”

The Trump administration noted during its tenure out of the Paris accord, the U.S. had the largest absolute decline of emissions of any country in the world, according to the International Energy Agency.

Kerry, whose new Cabinet-level position is devoted to climate change initiatives under Biden, took offense to those not seeing his way on addressing emissions, instead pivoting to ripping those seeking to investigate claims to election fraud.

“I’m not sure why these folks are resisting, to be honest with you,” Kerry said. “It’s really interesting to me. It seems to strike me that it’s almost part of this notion that if you just say something enough, even if it’s not true, somehow it has a reality – like someone won an election, when they didn’t win an election.”

Kerry also suggested his policies can change the world’s climate and stop natural disasters that cost billions in economic relief.

“Now, if Sen. [Mitch] McConnell believes that it’s better to be spending $265 billion to clean up after three storms, which is what we did two years ago – we had to clean up after Maria, Harvey and Irma, $265 billion,” Kerry said. “Last year, we spent $55 billion on one storm.

“Everyone knows the intensity of these storms, the damage levels of these storms, the loss of farms and crops, the changes in the growth of our food products. I mean, countless things are happening which folks around the nation are observing and living.

“And yet we have people who just want to continue to proceed as if nothing’s going on. We can’t do that. You can’t have an ostrich policy, where you put your head in the sand and pretend that nothing going on around you matters. We have to address this.”

Kerry’s claims that natural disaster relief spending will cease because of Biden’s climate change policies is baseless and not backed by science, critics say.

Author: Eric Mack

Source: Newsmax: Kerry Fires Back at Critics: ‘I Don’t Understand the Opposition’

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