Dozens Of AG’s Come After Biden — Bring The Rage Of Millions

You probably remember Biden’s first day in office as one of the worst days of your life, and, as it happens, the day he halted construction the Keystone pipeline.

While millions of Biden’s supporters and crazed leftist liberals celebrated and cried tears of joy, thousands and thousands of families that depended on the pipeline as their livelihoods were swept under the rug and suffered the consequences of Biden’s ridiculous energy policies.

Since then, numerous states have gone ‘balls to the walls’ and taken legal action against Biden and his clown car he calls an administration. Attorney Generals from nearly half the country have filed suit, and today, two more joined the cause from opposite parts of the country. Florida and Alaska are now throwing weight behind this effort to bring down Biden and stop this ridiculous power grab.

You see, presidents don’t have the power to change or ‘regulate’ commerce, foreign or between states, as Biden has done. The truth is, Biden has not only hurt the workers at the pipeline, but also consumers, and Canada. Really, the cancellation was in no one’s best interest except liberal cronies crying about the environment, which, in fact, the pipeline would not affect since it’s literally underground.

Just recently, hackers gave Biden a dose of reality when, after a ransomware attack completely crippled the main pipeline to the east coast, gas prices skyrocketed and millions were without fuel. If anything, this just proves the point that America is in need of more infrastructure when it comes to our oil industry, not less.

In the future, it may be possible that the United States can run on more renewable energy, but we just aren’t there yet. In fact, we aren’t even close, as winter storms in Texas proved. The technology isn’t up to par with the needs of the people, especially in light of worsening natural disasters.

And it’s wrong on another angle, too. Companies invested million and millions of dollars into the Keystone project. They did this in good faith, expecting the United States government to honor commitments it made to complete this project. Now every single on of these employers are forced to recoup what they’ve lost, and that’s just not possible. And then on a more personal note, all the families without jobs now.

Kamala Harris thinks they can “Just go get another job.” But unfortunately, due to an economic downturn that Biden himself caused with all his ridiculous pandemic policies, jobs are just not that easy to come by for these workers.

Let’s face it. The only people Biden is pleasing are crazed liberal clowns who don’t have any clue what’s good for this country. They’re creating a version of America that no one will want to be a part of in just a few years, and Biden is doing it in record time. Nice work.

Author: Billy Thornweaver